Thanks for a great NEMO conference!

0 Per Cromwell presents to NEMO

Thank you to everyone who helped make the first NEMO: New Media, Modern Democracy Conference such a success!

We had two impressive keynotes, from Neville Hobson and then Remco Vroom and Johannes la Poutre of TAB Worldmedia,  plus a challenging and thought-provoking presentation from Studio Total‘s Per Cromwell.

Our guest speakers framed contributions from the six research teams who are being supported by NEMO. It is quite tough to ask researchers to present before they have actually done any research but they worked hard to show the potential of their work.

There was lively debate on Twitter throughout the day (highlights Storified here) and many pictures were uploaded to Facebook, including to the NEMO and Campus groups.

Watch this! Demonstrating AR at NEMO

Remco and Johannes’ presentation pdf here

This is from their Welcome to the Future blog:

Our host calls what we do “PR in 3D” and in some cases he’s not so far off. Augmented reality does have great impact on PR if you look at it from the perspective that every location, every person, every object has digital information linked to it. If it’s social information, digitised historical information or any other information for that matter. All will become visual when using augmented reality and that can effect a reputation in real time!

We have added a new page to this blog which gives details of all NEMO projects and we can expect regular posts from the teams as their work progresses.

The NEMO steering group will meet later this week to draw some conclusions from the conference, and our wider progress. Updates to follow.

Finally, a big thank you to our super-efficient conference organiser Lisa Olsson Hjerpe and her team of student ambassadors who did a great job for NEMO, ISK and Campus Helsingborg.


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