Outstanding Author tribute for NEMO’s Szilvia

Szilvia Gyimóthy’s chapter on “Symbolic Convergence and Tourism Social Media” has been selected as a 2014 Outstanding Author Contribution winner for Emerald’s Tourism Social Science Series.

The work explores the potentials of symbolic convergence theory as an analytical framework to study the narrative constitution of virtual communities on social media and demonstrates how visitor experiences are increasingly affected by digital culture.

Szilvia Gyimothy Szilvia comments: “It is a huge honour to be selected as Outstanding Author for TSSS. I am pleased to be recognised for my ambition to adapt Bormann’s classic framework of Symbolic Convergence Theory to study the collective behavior of bloggers, twitters and tripadvisors.”

SCT provides a stringent framework to analyse sensemaking processes. It demonstrates how individuals or members of an organization may transform into a cohesive group when sharing and responding to common experiences, fantasies, hopes and fears. Such jointly developed narratives can be regarded as a symbolic ground, that glues a community together. By adapting SCT on unfolding communication patters on social media, researchers can understand the constitution and internal dynamics of virtual communities.

Szilvia, who is Associate Professor at the Tourism Research Unit, Department of Culture and Global Studies at Aalborg University, Denmark, is working with Mia Larson, Associate Professor in Business Management at Campus Helsingborg, on a NEMO research project Communication Practices of Social Media Communities.

Download Szilvia’s chapter: Symbolic Convergence and Tourism Social Media Gyimothy

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