NEMO14 Meet the speaker: Timothy Coombs


At NEMO13 last year, Timothy Coombs invoked the threat of a Zombie attack to show the challenges and dangers of social media in a crisis (video).

We are delighted that Tim, a professor at the University of Central Florida and a world expert on crisis communication will return to Campus Helsingborg for NEMO14 on October 17 – this time bringing lessons from Marvel Comics’ Nordic superhero, Thor, in his presentation “Digital Naturals as Activists:  Superheroes or Dilettantes?

Tim explains: “Digital naturals have been at the forefront of the shift in activism to the digital environment.  Instead of media advocacy, digital channels are the preferred option for modern activists.  But some critics wonder if cyberactivism is too easy and causes people to limit their activism to simply pressing computer keys, what is called slacktivism.  An opposing view is that digital channels provide great potential to enhance activist power turning them into a type of superhero with cyber-enhanced power.

“With Thor’s help, I am going explore both options and argue that superhero is the most likely outcome as digital naturals become activated. ”

Book your place the NEMO Conference 2014: Meet the Digital Naturals (Oct 17).

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Tim’s books include Applied Crisis Communication and Crisis Management: Cases and ExercisesCode Red in the Boardroom,and, with Sherry Holladay, Managing Corporate Social ResponsibilityPR Strategy and Application, and The Handbook of Crisis Communication.  His crisis communication research was awarded the 2002 Jackson, Jackson & Wagner Behavioral Science Prize from the Public Relations Society of America. Dr. Coombs has published more than 40 research articles, most focusing on crisis communication, as well as more than 30 book chapters on the subject. 

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