NEMO goes to BledCom!

BledCom, one of Europe’s most influential public relations conferences celebrates its 21st edition in July, and NEMO researchers will make a big contribution.

Here’s the line-up for Saturday afternoon:

Philip Young (NEMO/ISK): Meet the digital naturals: Faxes, fridges and the future of PR

Marja Åkerström (NEMO/ISK): Digital naturals, procedural rhetoric and the gamification of democracy 

Henrik Merkelsen and Sara von Platen (both NEMO/ISK):  The role of communication professionals in the digital age

Howard Nothhaft (NEMO/ISK) and Jens Seiffert (NEMO/Leipzig): The missing media, the procedural rhetoric of computer games: A Bogostian perspective

Nils Gustafsson (NEMO/ISK): “We have parallel cultures now.” Age, internal competition and social media strategies of Swedish parliamentarians

Closing panel address: 

Timothy Coombs (NEMO visiting professor, University of Central Florida): How digital media remodels strategic communication: Deep and reflexive views from NEMO

NEMO ROUNDTABLE: The beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning for digital public relations? 

Contributors: Stephen Waddington, Timothy Coombs, Betteke van Ruler and Anne Linke Chair: Philip Young

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