Festivals, fans and social media

Guest post by NEMO researchers Mia Larson and Szilvia Gyimóthy

How do festivals involve their fan community in their social media communications? Our research findings show that festival managers are moving beyond unidirectional information updates or functional market research queries. Instead, there is a tendency to tap into the heartbeat of the fan community by endorsing relevant currents of popular culture.

There is an indication of at least three different strategies adopted by festivals. These entail insourcing customers as volunteer festival ambassadors, co-innovation of new experience design and consolidating the virtual community throughout the year. As such, Storsjöyran relaunches its mascot, the President of Jamtland (this year as an Avengers Superhero), while Roskilde Festival constantly prompts fans for images and narratives to embody the unique “Orange Feeling.”

These practices have important implications regarding democracy. What are the pros and cons of delegating such tasks to the fan community? How are fan voices steered, manipulated, enhanced and/or restricted by the management? These issues are addressed by our project within NEMO, Communication Practices of Social Media Communities.

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