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NEMO/ISK Seminar: Timothy Coombs, Social Media Infused Activism: The Advent of Private Politics

Leading US PR academic Timothy Coombs, who will be NEMO Visiting Professor at Campus Helsingborg this Autumn, argues that social media is transforming activism with its ability to target corporate reputation. In the latest NEMO/ISK seminar, Tim gave many examples of how and why large organisations are positioning themselves to respond to activism that threatens reputation, a claim reinforced by … Continue reading

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Dream of Enlightenment: Howard Nothhaft NEMO Seminar

The Dream of Enlightenment within Digital Reach, presented by Howard Nothhaft, Campus Helsingborg, NEMO/ISK Seminar, Tuesday April 9. Developing ideas first discussed at the October 2012 NEMO Conference, Howard Nothhaft is examining notions of democracy as part of a wide-ranging and ambitious literature review that will underpin both his own explorations of the public sphere in the Web 2.0 world … Continue reading

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Nathalie Nahai research seminar

The work of psychologist Daniel Kahneman, author of Thinking, Fast and Slow, is helping us to understand just how little conscious control we have of our actions and activities. The realisiation that much of our behaviour is determined in areas that seem to be set apart from rational control is of increasing interest to communicators, and Nathalie Nahai’s NEMO seminar … Continue reading

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NEMO/ISK Seminar: Nathalie Nahai, Web Psychologist

Research seminar for academic staff: 13.00, Thursday, March 14, C324 Strategic Communication is about providing information but it is also about persuasion. Communicators need to know how to craft messages in a way that alters perceptions and behaviours in a way that benefits an organisation, and they need to understand a bewildering array of channels, many of which are now online. … Continue reading

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Varieties of Democracy: Jan Teorell NEMO seminar

In 2009, an estimated $13billion was spent globally ‘promoting democracy.’ That is an awful lot of money, but for most in the west it is assumed that this was spent on a worthy cause, as democracy is a good thing. Trying to discover whether investment in promoting democracy is effective – or desirable –  is extremely difficult (not only because defining … Continue reading

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