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Dream of Enlightenment: Howard Nothhaft NEMO Seminar

The Dream of Enlightenment within Digital Reach, presented by Howard Nothhaft, Campus Helsingborg, NEMO/ISK Seminar, Tuesday April 9. Developing ideas first discussed at the October 2012 NEMO Conference, Howard Nothhaft is examining notions of democracy as part of a wide-ranging and ambitious literature review that will underpin both his own explorations of the public sphere in the Web 2.0 world … Continue reading

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Digital democracy: How it could be….

The first chapter of Nick (@harkaway) Harkaway’s book, The Blind Giant (2012) is called Dreams and Nightmares. He sets out to visualise a digital dream world, where everything that could possibly go well, has: Shining healthy people move through a sunlit space filled with birds, plants and slick technology… … in groups, they discuss politics, ethics, science and literature. They … Continue reading

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Manuel Castells: How political movements straddle urban space and cyberspace – video

From The Guardian: Spanish sociologist Manuel Castells argues that the internet has altered protest movements forever. But while he says online activism can be effective, recent major political change has required boots on the ground – and the intersection between urban space and cyberspace is where to find the most interesting modern political movements Video here

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Varieties of Democracy: Jan Teorell NEMO seminar

In 2009, an estimated $13billion was spent globally ‘promoting democracy.’ That is an awful lot of money, but for most in the west it is assumed that this was spent on a worthy cause, as democracy is a good thing. Trying to discover whether investment in promoting democracy is effective – or desirable –  is extremely difficult (not only because defining … Continue reading

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