About NEMO

NEMO: New Media, Modern Democracy

NEMO is a three-year research project which aims to develop new knowledge and explore new ways of understanding the significance of social media and online communication for individuals and organizations in a thriving democratic society.

NEMO research is underpinned by four key themes:

  • The Public Perspective
  • The Personal Perspective
  • The Organizational Perspective
  • The Knowledge Perspective

These themes come together to inform fresh thinking about the broader implications of evolving media technologies for participation and decision-making in a flourishing, inclusive and sustainable democratic society.

NEMO will contribute to the expansion of academic research at Campus Helsingborg, and  forge closer links with the city of Helsingborg and the surrounding region.

NEMO is based at the Department of strategic communication (ISK) at Lund University Campus Helsingborg, Sweden.


  1. Thank you, Maria. So glad you enjoyed the conference. Tim, Peter and Philip’s presentations will be online shortly, with video to follow.

  2. Hello,
    I just want to thank you for all the new thougts you gave me on friday 11th of October with the NEMO 2013 conference. The whole weekend I have thougt about what all the speakers presented and I hope I can inluence my company to try some of the things that Philip Sheldrake said, and I will definetly change our Company crisis strategy after listening to Dr Coombs.
    Timothy Coombs and Peter von Satzger gave me personally very much ideas as a Communicator that I can put into action right away.
    Thank you for a day very well spent! 🙂
    Maria Wallentin

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