2013 Conference Videos

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2013 NEMO Flashpoints Conference held at campus Helsingborg on Friday, October 11. Here are links to all the presentations on the NEMO You Tube channel, and to pdfs of their powerpoint slides.

Video: Conference Highlights (30 minutes)

Video: Stephen Waddington: Brand Vandals (33 minutes) Presentation as .pdf

Video: Philip Sheldrake: Influence and Social Business (22 minutes)

Video: Philip Young: This is NEMO (11 minutes)

Video: Deborah Mattinson: Talking to a Brick Wall… (29 minutes)

Video: Peter von Satzger: Youth, Music & Social Media (33 minutes)

Video: Lina Thomsgård: Equalisters, Democracy & Social Media (22 minutes)

Video: Regina Katralen: Secrets of Top Blogger Egoina (6 minutes)

Video: Liz Bridgen: How Social Media Can Destroy PR Careers (8 minutes)

Video: Timothy Coombs: Crisis, Social Media and Zombies (26 minutes)


deborah mattinsonDeborah Mattinson, of Britain Thinks (formerly pollster and adviser to UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, http://britainthinks.com/deborah-mattinson)





waddsStephen Waddington, (@wadds) European digital and social media director, Ketchum PR, President Elect of the UK CIPR and author of Brand Anarchy and soon-to-be published Brand Vandals 


Peter von SatzgerPeter von Satzger, Director of PR, Viacom Youth and Music





Lina ThomsgårdLina Thomsgård, founder of the social media innovation Rättviseförmedlingen (Equalisters), an award winning equality project involving 50,000 people bringing gender balance and norm breaking into media representation.Their idea is simple, cost free and it truly effective – so it should be picked up and used all over the world.




Timothy Coombs, NEMO guest professor and international expert on Crisis Communication: Social Media, Crisis … and the Zombie Apocalypse: 

“Social media is tactical not strategic when used in crisis communication.  The U.S. government’s Zombie Apocalypse is used to show the value of content when using social media as part of the crisis communication effort.  The government uses the case for preparation, a key aspect of pre-crisis activities.  We can extend the Zombie Apocalypse idea to monitoring, another critical feature of pre-crisis communication.   The case illustrates social media-driven aspect of crisis communication during the pre-crisis phase and the implications they have for the crisis response phase of a crisis.  The connection between the pre-crisis and crisis response phases and social media’s influence on those connections will be presented.


Egoina: One of Sweden’s top bloggers shares her secrets http://egoinas.se/

Philip Sheldrake, of The Business of Influence:

Today, social is something organisations do. Tomorrow, it will be something organisations are. How might we get there and who’s well on the way?

How: Register at http://nemo2103.eventbrite.com. Please confirm that you will attend by Friday, September 28 – the NEMO Conference is free to invited guests.


  1. Work as a business intelligence advisory officer at the municipality of Helsingborg.

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